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In Switzerland, four cultures live together to form one and unique country. This is one of Switzerland’s greatest singularity. Swiss people understand that united, setting aside their differences, they are stronger. It works because everyone is involved and takes part in the democracy.

This is the mindset the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND wants to convey: allow whoever who shares the Brand’s values to be part of 26S COMMUNITY.

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Complete the form below and share with us what motivates you to join 26S COMMUNITY. Upon our Team’s approval, you will receive an email confirming your admission and four discount codes created especially for you to share with your network within 6 months.

These codes are unlimited and you can share with your family, your friends, your Instagram followers, anyone who would be interested in buying directly on our website a 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND watch. They will get the discount on their purchase and you will get until 30% commission! What about that?

Register now to become the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND’S ambassador and be rewarded!

Become ambassador and your time will not be wasted.

    If you have any questions regarding 26S COMMUNITY, do not hesitate to contact us.

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