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Switzerland, exquisitely timeless


26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND is the new watch brand founded by Pierre Bernheim. Very proud of his country, Pierre pays tribute to Switzerland’s values and wonders. Best known internationally for the excellence of its watches, Switzerland is also reputed to be one of the best places in the world to live. Join us on a unique journey of refinement and beauty with the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND.

The 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND timepieces take you through Swiss watchmaking excellence and the country’s natural richness.

Switzerland is a fascinating country. There are 26 cantons – each canton has its own government, laws, language and constitution. Switzerland is a land of opposites and contradiction; you can discover modern, international cities next to historic villages; ski on incredible mountains alongside breath-taking lakes for swimming. Importantly, Switzerland also has a unique and world class reputation for its watchmaking. The 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND is a blend of our diverse country, rich history and world class watchmaking.

The collections from the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND celebrate the different regions of Switzerland, echoing the unique peculiarities of these magnificent places through refined and beautiful details in the watches. Every collection alludes to a particular Swiss canton, valuing Swiss beauty, know-how and excellence. The 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND timepieces are the perfect balance between traditional designs and contemporary feel.


“ The pinnacle of my two passions: Switzerland and watches”

The Founder


Married with 3 children, Pierre Bernheim is the grandson of the famous watchmaker Raymond Weil. He inherited his grandfather’s entrepreneurial and visionary spirit. After working in the family brand RAYMOND WEIL for 6 years as Sales Director, Pierre launched his own watch brand 88 RUE DU RHONE in 2012. 10 years later, with 36 national markets opened, and more than 150’000 watches sold worldwide, the brand was acquired by a leading Chinese business group. Pierre could not quit the watch industry where he had experienced so many memories and so created his new brand, the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND, in 2021.

This brand is the result of Pierre’s long experience in watchmaking and deep passion for his country, Switzerland. Another of Pierre’s passions is aviation. Pierre is a qualified commercial pilot and has been Vice-Chairman of Geneva International airport since 2019.



Thanks to Pierre’s solid foundation in the industry and his family’s heritage, the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND benefits from his deep, specialist knowledge in watch manufacture. The 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND only deals with trusted and high-quality assemblers in the Swiss Jura for quality components and construction.



Above all, the Brand’s mission is very close to its heart: to make quality affordable. The 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND’s philosophy is to create the best watch for the best value so our timepieces can be accessible to the broadest range of customers. Finding the right balance between exquisite design, premium quality and affordable prices – this is the 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND’s most exciting challenge.

The 26 SPIRITS OF SWITZERLAND’s dearest wish is to enable everyone who desires it to wear a Swiss quality watch.

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